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Our Services

Our services are catered to your needs; we can take care of some of it or all of it!

Tenant Management

Rent Collection

Reviewing & Renewing Leases

Contractual Rent Increases

Taking Tenant Calls / Requests

Sending Tenant Infraction Notices

Facilities Management

Regular Property Inspection
Responsive handling of Repairs and planned Maintenance
Preparing Work Orders & Sending Appropriate Vendors
Scheduling & Overseeing all Inspections
Preparing Payments to all Vendors

Financial Management


Monthly Rent Roll

Regular Financial Statements

Payables & Receivables

TMI/CAM Reconciliation

HST Reconciliation


Commercial Properties

Our fee structure is based on a percentage of Rent collected - so we only get paid when you do, giving us incentive to retain your tenants and to increase the value of your property.

Our fees are also flexible in that you only pay for the services you choose: you can select only one or all of our services.  Our fees start from 2% of Rent.

Tenant Management

2% of Base Rent

Facilities Management

2% of Base Rent

Financial Management

1% of Base Rent


Residential Properties

Our fees for Residential Properties start at 6%.

Sorry, no single-family properties.

15+ Units

4% of Rent

7-14 Units

5% of Rent

2-6 Units

6% of Rent

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