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Insurance for Small Business and Groups


If you earn an income, you need to protect it!

  • Protects you and your business against financial loss due to
    accident and/or sickness resulting in a disability.

  • Ensures self-employed individuals and employees without
    group long term disability coverage (LTD) get the
    necessary protection for their income. 

  • Disability income benefits paid out monthly from $1,000
    up to $6,000 per month;

    • benefits payable to age 70 and
      payable from the FIRST DAY;

    • benefits based on Gross
      Business Revenue or Employment Income. 

  • Provides affordable and convenient dental and medical
    plans to fill the gap between those medical expenses
    that occur, but are not covered by government health plans.



















Canadian cities aren't ready for the influx of people temporarily or permanently disabled from COVID-19.

One in five Canadians currently has at least one disability and, with 10 per cent of COVID-19 patients having lingering symptoms from 'long COVID'

While long-term health effects are still being examined, a recent study published by The Lancet found most hospitalized COVID-19 patients had lingering symptoms, six months after hospitals discharged them — which is in line with mounting anecdotal evidence and observational reports.

 — CTV News, "Canada isn't ready to deal with influx of those disabled from COVID-19: advocates", Jan 19, 2021

Twenty-two per cent of Canadians 15 years of age or older — about six million Canadians — have a disability, according to Statistics Canada's last Canadian Survey on Disability. Out of those six million, 40% have a severe disability. Primerica Enhance provides adequate protection where clients' disability hinders employment and educational opportunities.

 — iPolitics, "Too few Canadians with disabilities got tax-free COVID benefit, minister charges", Nov 5, 2020

A quarter of respondents say buying disability coverage is more important to them since the pandemic, while one-in-five say they are more likely to purchase this coverage since COVID-19.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of Canadians have purchased their own disability coverage, up 8 points from last year, meaning more than half (55 per cent) of Canadians now have coverage either through their workplace benefits or an individual disability plan, compared to 50 per cent in 2019. This signifies that the majority of Canadians are aware of the benefits of having disability coverage and there is still a huge market potential to tap!, "Canadians with experience of mental health issues more likely to view it as disability", Sep 22, 2020


Disability for Almost Any Occupation

A plan that understands how important your income is to everyone in your life. 

Fracture Accident Coverage

We know you only stand still long enough to take the picture.

Health and Dental Benefits

Helping to maintain your healthy lifestyle. 

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

You don't plan for accidents, but you can be prepared.

Business Overhead Expense Coverage

Being unable to operate your business during a period of disability shouldn't be career ending. 

Travel Medical Insurance

There are some things you CAN'T leave home without.

Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness

Taking care of the finances while you take care of you. 

Lifestyle Protection Enhancer & Permanent Total Disability

Lump sum benefits offered tax-free under the Loss of Income Policy. 

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